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Book Review: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

Thoughtless  - S.C. Stephens

I picked this up in the hopes that it would be a reeeallyy good read, considering the ratings it has.


But just to get it out there. Kiera Allen has to be the worst protagonist ever — right there in Bella Swan's league.


The only thing that kept me from throwing this book against the wall (alright, my iPad, which wouldn't have made me feel any better) were the guys. The guys were the saving grace of Thoughtless and it's really quite good there were a lot of them to counter Keira's utter stupidity.


Regardless of that very big mishap though, I found it entertaining enough to commit until the end (sucker for romance right here) when the boy gets the girl — not saying which boy though!


So yes, entertaining with lots of swoon-worthy scenes (no thanks to Kiera) and hot guys. I'll only recommend it if you think you can stomach Bella Swan 2.0.


Your choice.


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